#Past, Present, and Future ยท March 2017 to December 2017

2017 v1: Lowpoly Space

Split-screen v2: Re-using the lowpoly space scene an earlier version

Screenshot of lowpoly space split version




After creating the first split screen version, I wanted to push myself and acutally implement the lowpoly space scene with weather that I’d previously abandoned.


Mock up of space calendar

This is one of those times where the final results almost perfectly match the mockup.

How it Works


The sun and moon rotate around the earth based on the current time, yes this is a very Geocentric model of how the solar system works. The color of space changes throughout the day based on the current time.


I fetch the weather data using DarkSky, and it’s displayed animated floating above the earth.


I created all of the images used in the scene with Maxon3D, they were previously created for an older version of the site that I abandoned.