#Past, Present, and Future · 2013

2013: Flat and Live

The original live version built on PHP

Screenshot of fullscreen lowpoly version




The first of my live sites, this is the site that’s inspired a lot of my future updates and work. I’d wanted to create a site that “connected”, and seemed to be catered and created for the viewer. That’s a goal that’s stuck with me since then.

It’s very interesting to me how a lot of the designs in 2013 onward stand up to the test of time, and no-one would really blink if I showed these concepts around as ideas for the next version of this site.


Concept mockup 1
Concept mockup 2
Concept mockup 3
Concept mockup 4
Concept mockup 5


Somewhere between these concepts and the final designs below I made a very drastic switch back to something very card based. I probably lost some designs along the way sadly.

Mock up of flat live version
Mock up of flat live version
Mock up of flat live versionMock up of flat live version