#Past, Present, and Future · January 2013 to March 2013

2013 v1: Flat Cards Madness

A short lived version of my site that featured flat cards, because that's all the rage

Screenshot of flat cards in 2013




Mock up
The main landing page, each card is a project or blog post, during this time period I was moving towards a more minimal look, but struggled with finding my own balance between minimal and content-rich. (something I still balance to this day.)

Mock up
View for looking at a project with multiple images, it was meant to be a popup, in order for the site to still be considered a “one-pager”, which during that time period was something that I considered very important since it made my site “unique”.

Mock up
The base setup of the about section with bars for various skill levels, the actual implementation took this concept and made it a lot more colorful.

Abandoned Iterations

Mock up
This foled-shadow look was all the rage for a while, and I created a mockup of what my current site would be if I recreated it using the web-fads of the day. I didn’t implement this version on site, but it’s great to see the various ways I’ve played around with design and trends of the time.