Code City

Code City

Code City

Visualize a Github Repo as a 3D City.

✅ Todos

Buy / Create 3D buildings
Update site performance
Take screenshots to update notion build log

🧠🌩 Brainstorm

City Generation


  • Buildings age based on the age of the file
    • eg. A modern building for a new file
    • eg. A victorian building for a an old file
  • Grime / damage on a building based on last modified date
    • the cleaner the building the most recently the file was updated
  • The style / type of building is based on the type of file
    • eg. a readme could be a library?


  • Each street is the name of a folder
  • The width of the street is based on the number of files / directories nested in it

🎨 Design


Paper Sketches